maandag 13 augustus 2012

* 100 dagen wit *

De kunstenaar Andrew Miller begon zijn project Brand Spirit op 12 maart 2012, waarbij hij zich voornam om elke dag een product wit te schilderen. 100 dagen schilderde hij verschillende voorwerpen wit, zodat er geen merknaam of iets herkenbaars te zien was. En zo was een kunstproject geboren...

I am obsessed with understanding what it means to live in a branded world, where we associate our identities with the brands and products we buy. These images are part of Brand Spirit, a series of photographs I shot every day for 100 days. By reducing the objects to a single color and consistent scale, I found unexpected relationships between them. I never imagined a box of cigarettes would have such similarity to a box of crayons. Each image was chosen to represent a particular concept, from commentaries on consumer culture to celebrations of our most loved brands. My personal favorites honor technologies that have since been replaced.

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